To fuck a man/woman/object to the rhythm of a death metal blast beat.
Yo, I totally blast fucked this slut to Cannibal Corpse last night!
by The Son of Leeds July 25, 2011
Top Definition
The act of planting an explosive on or in the male or female genetalia and igniting it.
First I knocked her unconscious, then I blastfucked her. You could hear the explosion for miles!
by Fusionrock June 08, 2004
In World of Warcraft, the act of dying from fall damage due to the Mage spell 'Blast Wave'.
Xaros cast Blast Wave and knocked the Troll Priest off of the cliff in Arathi Basin, killing him. This is considered a Blastfuck.
by Xaros March 03, 2009
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