Redness or irritant of the eyes after doing drugs, usually weed.
hey your eyes are blasted buddy, you better find some clear eyes before your mom picks you up
by TFS September 21, 2005
Top Definition
when you totally stoned out of your mind.
i was blasted last night dawg.
by rotten ralph July 27, 2004
intensely drunk or stoned
I don't remember shit...damn I was blasted last night
by SavageBitch May 03, 2003
so high you dont kno were you are or what your doing.
i got so blasted last night i dont know what i did
by tank February 27, 2005
really really high
We smoked so much weed that we got blasted!
by Shell October 09, 2002
lots of big tattoos ; 5 or more tattoos all over. HAVE TO BE BIG.
"How many tats u got my dude?"

"12. Four on my chest,5 on my arms,and 3 on my back."

"Damn nigga u blasted."
by baby buff August 02, 2009
Obliterated. So drugged up and drunk that you don't know anything anymore. Except that you're having one hell of a good time. Easily accomplished when you get high and drink then snort cocaine, then drink again.
Say, my good sir, do you want to get blasted tonight?
by Fecalator May 27, 2004
When you smoke marijuana to the point you feel you were on the recieving end of a cyclops optic blast, or in special instances the recieving end of Han Solo's blaster. AKA getting fucking blasted.
Damn dude im fucking BLASTED.

Yo you wanna get Han Solo blasted tonight?

Dude you wanna confront cyclops and get fucking blasted??
by Joma Green January 02, 2011
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