a condom that is too big for the intended user.
hey do you want this trojen magnum?

ha no i dont want a blanket!
by diz mazza May 10, 2009
A jive term used to describe segregation in uber black communities.
Man, that turkey baster could dig grease while chomping on buns and dragging through the garden, but couldn't eat a picture because of the blanket authorities. Golly
by Sam Wheat July 11, 2005
"Eating Blanket" - To eat out a girl with a really hairy twat.
Dude, last night was crazy... I ate so much blanket.
by rachynymph June 21, 2006
A warm comfortable fuzzy that keeps u warm
I was so comfy in my blanket
by Fuck my goldfish January 04, 2015
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