a black mans penis which is usually enormous and sometimes scary for women
Black wood that shit is scary.
by vtown bitch May 15, 2006
Top Definition
The art of inserting one's own penis into your own asshole
"as I sat home blackwooding, my 4th wife with the mustache came home and gave me a blumpkin
by Lucky_ December 29, 2008
1. a narcissist.

2. a never-has-been, living in own universe

3. any or all above

"My man never pays child support fo any of his kids, and thinks hes going to be a famous musician someday. What a blackwood"
by sir smellsalot December 19, 2008
1. A man who enjoys laying on the couch to work. 2. A state of being whereby a person does not move very much, and does the majority of work from the couch.
1. "That guy's pulling a blackwood"
2. "That guy is such a blackwood"
3. "Look at that blackwood there"
by Rick Hansen June 16, 2008


An old and outdated individual who suffers from an inferiority complex as a result of not receiving enough attention as a small child. As a result, this person suffers from an all-pervasive need for attention and often exploits people, particularly women, for personal gain.

Blackwood sandwich: decent portion of over-processed meat. very cheap, but leaves you empty anyway

see also:

urban sausage

40 year old emo douche
by BUKKAKE!!!!!!! March 20, 2009
Popular convention in the game of Bridge to determine if the side has enough controls to play in a slam.

Generally a bid of 4NT asks partner to respond with an artificial bid dependent on the number of aces he holds.

The most popular variation is Key-Card which counts the king of the implied trump suit as a key-card. Other variations allow for more than one key suit in which they king counts as a key card.
1S - 2H - 4NT

4NT is Blackwood. According to which variation you are playing you are asking for aces only or possibly the presence of the king or spades or king of hearts as well as a keycard.
by Bylli May 20, 2009
1) A creative, unique, individual.
2) To think ouside of the box, an innovator
3) To be successful
That extraordinary painting was done in the style of Blackwood.

Everyone will be jealous once you become Blackwood.
by YumYumPoptarts November 29, 2009
A township on the outskirts of Melbourne in the forested Central Highlands region. Once the home of wealthy retirees and people who choose an alternative lifestyle. It is now overrun by crass 'westies' and tattooed rednecks.
Probably the most over-policed township in Australia. An example of how far it has fallen is evidenced by the fact the Post Office is located in the Pub; one has to walk over vomit puddles to check ones mail.
I sure hope this beautiful township of Maldon doesn't turn into another piece of shit like Blackwood!
by SvetlanaBabe October 10, 2010
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