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v. the act of firing at anything that moves with high-powered firearms, even if the target happens to be a slow-moving vehicle full of innocent civilians; to be utterly unconcerned about the loss of human life while engaging in highly questionable behavior.
Damn, that street gang just blackwatered that poor family.
by epiclulz October 19, 2007
when you have diarrhea so bad that it feels like you are pissing out of your asshole, then you look in the toilet and it looks like the black hole.
Chuck: "Are you pissing in there man, what's taking you so long?"
Frostbite: "No dude, i got me a big helpin of black water, damn those chimichangas!"
by theo huxtable April 20, 2004
a guitar that Chad Kroeger plays
1) Chad Kroeger says that Blackwater, his custom-built Les Paul guitar, has a ghost Piezo pickup that makes it sound like an acoustic guitar, and there are parts that he uses when they get into the rockier songs.

2) While I came up with some clever names for Chad's guitar, (my names didn't have the words "black" or "dark" in the titles), Blackwater received the most votes.
by chad'srockergrrrll November 05, 2010
Getting (or hiring) a friend to play for you in a videogame to improve your ranking and/or reach the next level.
Dude, can you Blackwater for me so I can get to the next level?

John's going to Blackwater a few rounds for me to improve my ranking.
by Kellehendros October 18, 2007
Blackwater means any drink that are black colored other than water. Like Coffee, Tea, coke....etc.
Chris: Hey Jack! Do you want water?
Jack: No thanks, Do you have blackwater?
Someone: of course what you want?
Jack: Coffee.
Someone: Ok.
by ash_awesome July 27, 2009
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