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Performing an action/using an object in a manner stereotypical of a black person.
1. Sitting on a chair blackwards - with the back rest at the front.
2. Pointing a gun blackwards - holding the gun on its side while aiming it.
by nomad1988 May 08, 2011
1. When a black person participates in an activity/event traditionally dominated by whites.

2. When a white person participates in an activity/event traditionally dominated by blacks.
1. "Jamal's favorite sport is polo? That's as blackwards as Carlton Banks."

2."Chip's trying out for the slam dunk contest? That dude's totally blackwards."
by Skyfood April 22, 2009
Wearing a hat both backwards and slightly to the side.
That kid was wearing his hat blackwards.
by Diyo May 15, 2010
The state of lying in a reclining chair backwards, so that your head is where your feet should be and your feet are at the headrest, stomach down.
"Elyse, I'm lying blackwards!"
by Your "Mom" March 16, 2007
To do/say something that makes no sense at all.
1.Dressing in all white when you are sneaking out at night is blackwards.
by Crows_shadow April 04, 2007
Making something less white/caucasian and moving to darker skin tones instead.
"I'd be more interested if The Little Mermaid went more blackwards before getting greenlighted."
"I'm so happy about the new blackwards Annie."
by sailershanty February 04, 2015
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