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Any african american in action; ie. shooting guns, smacking a ho, or rollin' on dubs, etc.
Kid: Mawwmmyyy, I want to see some blacktionnnn!!
Mom: Ok honey, We'll see American Gangster, Men in Black, and Training Day tomorrow.
by loleeph November 18, 2007
1. Noun: Getting action with a black person.
1. Mike: Yo, I heard Mike hooked up with Latisha last night!
Joe: Good for him, he loves blacktion!
by jfbecks June 17, 2009
The term given to a white girl who participates in sexual acts with men of african/american origin.
My god, Marie keeps telling us about all the blacktion she is getting. I wish she'd shut the fuck up the little slag.
by The Rohminator February 01, 2011
Traction provided to a vehicle's tires by the weight of one or several dead African American individuals stored in the trunk of said vehicle.
1. "My car was slipping around in the snow, but luckily I hit a jiggaboo, threw him in my trunk, and used him for blacktion."

2. "I'd say three or four moon crickets in the bed of your truck should give you enough blacktion to drive over that frozen pond."
by lokoike December 07, 2007
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