A black out (or blackout) is another word for a mass murder. A black out is when someone goes to someone's home to kill everybody there.
"Yo, my bitch is cheatin' on me with some other nigga!"

"What you want me to do about it?"

"Do a black out dun, make sure there are no witnesses"
by DaGangBanga May 11, 2009
When a friend drinks too much (or not a lot, but is a baby girl) too early in the day, and completely forgets all of the embarrassing stuff they did all day.

Also a wonderful re-make of Halo 2's Lockout, redesigned slightly for Halo 3.

When a friend grabs your dick while you're wearing sweatpants.

When a friend head-butts you through revolving doors.

When a now former friend makes out with your dog, and tries to feel it up.

by RubiusHaggard April 07, 2009
When electricity is "out" to specific regions or cities.
The Blackout of 2003 was the biggest blackout in North American History and took place in New York City, Detroit, and many other areas in the Northeast of the USA, and in some areas of Canada. The cause was unknown after 24 hours, which is right now, go figure.
by Aquajeff August 15, 2003
Describes a magical moment when everything is inverted right after an electricity cut-off.
PKR: Hey, we are winning the election.
BN: OMG, a black-out please!
*electricity cut-off*
BN: Hey look, we are leading now!
by ProFeeder May 06, 2013
Blackout is the state of which all college kids strive for during any night of the week. Total lose of all memory which leads some retarded fuckin stories.
Tom: "Yo, I was so blackout last night."
Pete: "Ya thats probably why you fucked that ugly hoe."
Tom: "What?"
by BuddhaBurp November 11, 2007
A cut in power either in one place or a wide spread are, it can affect any and all electronic equipment except those which are immune to electronic jamming
Psycho mantis in MGS: Twin Snakes: BLACK OUT!!
by Hawke May 19, 2005
When you use two large black penises to cover both of of your eyes.
When I awoke, it was darker than I had expected, I thought I went blind but it was just a blackout.
by Queef Beltyourweenie December 01, 2011
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