A campaign level on Call of Duty 4, first one if you dont count prologue, in the level you need to help Nikolia, a Russian Loyalist spy in the Ultra nationalist camp, he is caught and to be executed.

You kill a few guards before meeting with Sgt. Kamarov, a Russian Loyalist, he is going to assault the Ultra Nationalist base, and you get to help, Captain Price gets irritated and holds him over a edge to find out where the spy is.

Eventually you get to the building where he is and Gaz cuts the power, you use night vision and go into the house, there are about 4 AI's in there, the last one with a flashlight, after you kill him the flashlight shines on Nikolia, after getting out you get in a helicopter, he says

Nikolia: "Have the Americans assaulted Al-Asad yet?"

Captain Price: "No there invasion starts in three hours, why?"

Nikolia again: "The Americans are making a mistake, they will never take Al-Asad alive"
"Blackout is the first(ish) level of campaign in CoD 4
by Illestemia February 06, 2009
Top Definition
Blackout is the term used to describe when a person is so drunk that they wake up the next morning with temporary amnesia, no recollection of what they did the night before. It can be used as a verb or as an adjective.
verb: "Oh man I blacked out so fast last night, and then I woke up in this ugly girl's room."

adj: "I was so blackout man, everyone was wasted."
by Jack December 09, 2004
The only time travel known to man.
I black out last night at jim's and came to at my house at noon.
by APfromMSP2 January 09, 2008
A state of mental and physical impairment you enter after reaching a blood alcohol level of .20, which causes you to act in an uncontrollable manner. Unfortunately, the black out enables you to recall any of the events that occurred while acting so recklessly, and almost always guarantees awaking to wounds you do not remember getting or next to a person you do not remember sleeping with.
"I'm sorry. What is your name agian? I blacked out"
by rach February 06, 2004
The part of a night in between what you can remember and waking up the next day not knowing what happened, or maybe even where you are. It could be minutes or hours,and is usually caused by consuming too much alcohol.
I had a major black out last night.
by cheez whiz November 12, 2006
Every college student's security. The state of perfect drunkenness in which all pole dancing, stripping, shot taking, and making out cannot be remembered. The state that helps you forget the night before.
Roommate #1:(to roommate #3) Do you remember when you danced on the table.
Roommate #2: OMG and when you made out with that freshman from PGP!!!!
Roommate #3: Wait, when did that happen, was I drunk??
Roommate #1: You are such a black out drunk!
by Megabucks January 12, 2006
when you consume so much alcohol that your brain goes to sleep but your body gets all "eye of the tiger" and soldiers on
Yea dude I got so black out that I gave a girl a golden shower and I don't even remember it!
by Ainslice February 15, 2011
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