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when one consumes a large amount of alcohol, and proceeds to have sex with a member of the fairfield lacrosse team. Upon awaking, usually naked, the person has no recollection of the alleged sex, until another member of the lacrosse team informs them later in the day. Also, the person who is the lesser of the drunk is later referred to as blackout sex.
Blackout sex just walked by. She has no idea
by Slutnation April 02, 2008
After a long night of drinking hard liquer, you fail to remember wake up with a used condom on your chest and a dirty slut laying next to with no knowledge of anything happening
" Shit,I woke up with this heifer laying next to me and my dick half in her...what happened last night, I think I had black out sex???
by djcummins21 July 10, 2009

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