(noun) The state of complete darkness. Failure to give a fuck. The urge to stay high as fuck all day err day. A flawless way of living life grand.
"I got a new job dude! straight blackness!!!"
by Ner For Sure April 30, 2009
Top Definition
1. a word in which a black american uses to describe a personal emotionally bonding experience that involves
a sociological and economical identity, pertaining only to black americans, that is associated with modern society.

2. a socio-economical identity pertaining only to black americans.
Virgil thought deeply about his blackness as a modern black american.
by .bad. robot September 15, 2013
Referring to how blacksomeone is by measuring how well they fit into the black stereotype. Can also be referred to the respect but not posing of one fitting into the black stereotype.

"Where's that nigga's blackness? Look at him wearing his fancy lil tie and that ass expensive suit down here in the ghetto."
by Barnakey August 24, 2006
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