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This is not your everyday african american that we know and love, this is a very special breed called a black red neck or black neck for short. They like to watch nascar, wear cowboy hats and sometimes enjoy a monster truck rally.
Yo look at that black dude with the cowboy hat and belt buckle, he is totally a black neck
by d p 3 February 23, 2009
a gangster who is also a redneck
Mike is such a blackneck, watching hunting movies and popping gats.
by jjjjjessica January 06, 2008
Black rednecks
dem dere BlackNecks gonna start a goat farm in Kentucky.
by Kat Daddy April 28, 2004
A slang term in Northern Ireland for someone who is a member of Loyalist Paramilitary organisation the Ulster Volunteer Force or UVF
Nah, he's not a Womble, he's a Black Neck, his da's the head man.
by olliebroon February 16, 2011
also very smooth player
that blackneck's got big game
by greg December 26, 2003
Dirty Person, hails from Alloa.
"She's a dirty wee Blackneck"
by Crazy April 01, 2003
A black person who dresses and acts like a redneck.
Billy: Darius Rucker is my favorite
Dave: Who is Darius Rucker?
Billy: A famous blackneck
by NotBrokeBoy June 27, 2014