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1) an ethnic mixture of negro and any asian backround.
2) the language spoken by these people
1) Damn foo, that nigga looks blackenese!
2) What the fuck?! Why these niggas speakin blackenese?
by i forgot April 14, 2003
a person who is black n asian.
stop hatin in the blackenese brother cause u white.
by Katia Stukes April 17, 2005
Rather than focus on the phenotypical nature associated with "Blackenese"-ness, I'd rather expand the definition to include any/all feelings of disconnect that a person might experience, especially relating to his/her socio-cultural and/or socio-racial background. In this way, "blackenese" might actually stand in for "liminality" but, in a specifically ethnic/racial/cultural context. Thereby, a person's physicality becomes irrelevant. It doesn't matter whether or not one is physically displaying characteristics that are considered to be either "Black" or "East Asian," what will matter most is the interior/internal conflict experienced by all those who feel polarized by the categories imposed upon them by the dominant mainstream.
"I just don't feel like I fit in a box ... I'm <i>blackenese</i>, yo!"
by Crunkflakes November 29, 2007
A Chinese-African Man - a Chinafrican.
Yo Dat Tigah Woods ain't black, he's Blackenese.
by Cum-Chup August 09, 2005
a person of color who speaks or have knowledge of asian culture and/or language
tupac speaking japanese
by ken January 15, 2005
a ghetto ass asian person
Look at that blackenese kid over there. He is so damn ghetto.
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
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