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A thrash metal masterpiece by Metallica from the album "...And Justice for All". The lyrics are about the consequences of a nuclear war (nuclear winter, thus Blackened.)

It's interesting to note that James Hetfield plays this with downstrokes only... requiring intense stamina to play this and MoP live in the same night.
Metallica opened up with Blackened last night... crazy song!
by sirhc2 April 11, 2007
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Opening song on Metallica's 1988 album, "...And Justice For All." Written about destruction of the world by nuclear war, it features an awesome solo by guitarist Kirk Hammett
by dragondance~ February 14, 2007
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A song performed by Metallica, best known for being on the album "...And Justice for All". The drum part to this song is so intense that any mortal man, other than Lars Ulrich himself, who plays this song during a jam session will notice that his or her legs fell off halfway through the song. the guitar part require 3 hands to play
Yoko: What's with the wheelchair and leg injuries?
Douche-fag: What legs? I tried playing "Blackened" by Metallica and my legs fell off.
by Humpcatter16 January 17, 2010
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