A Motion Film that is made of almost, if not all, black actors. normally on a station such as BET.

if any other actors, that aren't black, are present they either don't talk or say one or two lines.
"hey did you see the Black Buster last night"
"you mean the one with Tyrese Gibson"
by black,italian,and brown guy April 13, 2010
Top Definition
A movie that appeals to a largely African American audience, that is a blockbuster. Example of a blackbuster: Saul Plane.

Person 1:Hey you wanna see that new blackbuster, whats it called.
Person 2:Oh you mean the holiday
by 314 February 17, 2008
A racist cop, usually known for profiling and pulling over black people just for being black. Catching them on tape is also known as Blackbuster Video.
Shit, you hear what happened to Leroy?

Yeah, he got tazed by dem Blackbusters again. This time though, he got em on Blackbuster video!
by STL Dilly August 29, 2010
A typically african-american male selling bootleg versions of feature films.
Did you see that movie that came out last week?

Yeah I got it for $5 from that Blackbuster that hangs out in the mall.
by Andy Duphresne April 02, 2011
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