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1.Some kind of phone
2.Some kind of fruit
Chuck Norris can use a real blackberry or any other fruit or vegetable to send a text message.
by Iellin March 25, 2012
22 11
a person who is as stupid and nonsensical as BlackBerry mobile phone
dude you are such a BlackBerry
by jackhammer2421 March 02, 2013
13 7
The crappy version of an Iphone.
Bob: Yes, can I have a Blackberry.
Employee: Ok that'll be $200.
Bob: Here you go.

1 week later.....

Bob: Holy shit!! What a fucking waste of $200!!!! I knew I should've bought an Iphone!!!!! *Throws the phone into the pool* Ugh!!
by Bunnies! January 04, 2012
52 47
A mobile phone that works great for a month of two then turns in to a piece of shit.

After a few months you will get problems with the battery / signal / internet and much more.

If they sold you a piece of shit you would've got better value.
Mom:Charly turn off that stupid blackberry and go play outside!

Charly:Don't worry Mom my blackberry goes off automatically at random times!
by Mr.tellthetruth January 01, 2014
2 0
A loud, rude, flatuation sound, made with the anus (similar to raspberry).
You would expect the occasional blackberry from some of the investors at the RIM stockholder's meeting.
by billthecat November 12, 2012
4 6
Blackberries happen monthly via menstruation. The blackberries are the clots that are passed during the flow of menstruation.
Danger, the blackberries have arrived.
by Jersey Girl the Fokstar February 04, 2008
8 11
idiotic gadget that looks like a pda and minicomputer all in one.
hey those suits got the new line of blackberrys
by ashley n. t. September 05, 2005
10 17