If something is very awesome, as amazing as it could possibly be and at times surpassing expectation
Iron Man was blackbelt!

Saw these two chicks fighting and one ripped the others top off. It was totally blackbelt.
by Loudnessbomb August 16, 2010
Top Definition
Much like the brown belt (fucking ass for the first time) or the yellow belt (partaking in watersports for the first time, the Black belt is an honour bestowed upon you after copulating with a black person for the first time.
(white male) "Gosh Trent, I got my black belt last night with that hot black girl Laquanda. It was super-awesome."

(white female) "Hey Amanda - I got my black belt yesterday when Dontarrious came over after school. I really want to stick it to my Republican golf-playing father."
by Lazarus Ciccone December 21, 2004
the act of cumming on a belt, letting it get moldy then slapping a slut across the tits multiple times with the moldy cum belt leaving a black strap across her bleeding tits
ie. i so gave your mom the blackbelt last night
ie. i got the blackbelt last night and it was glorious
by jacob fields December 08, 2008
Lame attempt at making a joke. Not really a blackbelt in the karate sense but a way of resisting bullies or attempts to harm someone.
Chris: "I can take you"

Peter: "Dude, you don't want to mess with me, I"m a blackbelt."

Such a lame joke, but oh so funny!
by Sir Lance to you! October 05, 2009
The achievement of fucking your first black chick.
Shiela: Are you telling me you've actually had sex with a black woman before?
Ray: Oh yeah, I got my blackbelt back in '72.
by BisonMemorabilia January 08, 2013
The act of knocking someone or something out in order to rape them.
At first she put up a struggle but then I blackbelted her and it was all good from there.
by trendy March 30, 2008
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