A black and chinese person or a blak and asian person
Yo wut she mixed wit? o she blackanese.
by Hot Atl Mama December 23, 2004
The language spoken by Black People.
White Guy: Today In the ghetto, a black man taught me BLACKANESE.

Black Male: I teach BLACKANESE in tha hood.
by Icruz November 08, 2013
the dialect in which african americans speak that can oftentimes be indecipherable or indistinguishable in text or conversation. those who speak blackanese often leave non-speakers in a state of awe, confusion, or embarrassment for not being able to understand
person #1: that youtube video "My Push Up Bra will Help me Get a Man" is honestly like watching a foreign film!

person #2: well, blackanese IS a foreign language
by groovalicious January 05, 2010
A man/women of of half African/Black and half Vietnamese decent, also see Blasian
'What IS your race exactly?'
'O' I'm Blackanese'
by AfroJew April 26, 2010
Someone with black and asian attribute.
1. A black person who takes karate lesson.
2. An asian who dresses black. (like XXXXL hoodies, baggy pants and overpriced kickers.)
3. Someone born of black and asain parents. It's been theorize that the female will likely to carry the good genes in this type of union as most blackanese women are more attractive than their male counterparts.

Spoken: "Did that black guy just called us <insert insult> in cantonese? Let's f*** this blackanese up."
by XR March 17, 2007
To speak in a dumbed down version of english, using words such as, Fo for the word For, Da for the word The, and dis for the word This. Usually used by those too lazy to even speak.
I went to da house to pick up da weed.
Fo real? Dis weed da shit.
Yeah, best part is, dem cracka cops dont understand Blackanese.
by Useless Utensile December 03, 2008
Of Black and Asian descent. Females are usually extreeeeeeemly fyne (see Amerie or Foxy Brown). Males just look like Black Chinamen.
I'm gettin some blackanese pussy tonight!!
by xzybit July 05, 2005

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