Someone of mixed black and asian ancestry.
I am blackanese, and my friend is Mexicanese.
by BlueScholar November 25, 2009
Top Definition
an individual of both african and asian descent
by JAG-wire September 01, 2003
A person of African American and Asian heritage.
I am Blackanese. My mother is Black, and my father is Japanese.
by Natalie Sato July 04, 2005
When an Italian kid forgets to wash their knees and their grandfather, Luigi, sees them and says, "Whatsa matter for you? Whya you gotta the blacka knees?"
Anthony forgot to wash his knees and when his grandfather, Luigi, seen them, he asked; "Whatsa matter for you? Whya you gotta the blacka knees?"
by Ed Puskar February 05, 2005
an african and asian person
Tiger Woods is blackanese.
by Jsimpson July 10, 2008
A combination of two races; To be of both Asian and African descent.
A man, you ain't if black what is you...
by Manny Johnson November 08, 2008
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