Underground rap group, and one of the best in the biz, most commonly known due to the fact that popular rap star "Eminem" blatantly stole the rap style of one of the members of Blackalicious.
Blackalicious has released another amazing album entitled "Blazing Arrow"
by BlackE June 09, 2003
Top Definition
Blackalicious is a rap/hip hop style group. They rock, and really need to be recognized more.
I was listening to the CD, Blazing Arrow, by Blackalicious, while on my way to work this morning.
by Lady October 15, 2003
The gold standard of all music
all rap sucks, except for blackalicious
by peen dittle June 03, 2005
a word used commonly buy African Americans dicribing something sweet in the black lifestyle,or to define a fine african american female ,or just tellin people your off the hook being male or female
that girl is blackalicious with them pretty eyes and thick thighs.
by blaque December 26, 2005
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