Slang for bluetooth device, derived from its popularity amongst the black community as the newest form of tacky, high-tech "bling". Insecure negroes who want to put on an air of importance wear them when not necessary (i.e. any time not spent driving), even when nobody calls them all day. When they do, however, they will talk loudly in public whilst flailing their limbs about to demonstrate the wonder of wireless technology and the money they spent avoiding child support payments.
"Leeroy should take off that blacktooth device; he looks like a tool and nobody is impressed."
by Chernorizets Hrabr July 10, 2008
Top Definition
The drink made famous by dimebag darrell, some crown royal and a splash of coke
"shit son give me a shot of some crown royal with a splash of coke, you know a fuckin black tooth"
by Mr Wiseman January 06, 2005
A derogatory name for someone from England. They are known for having bad teeth and dental hygeine.
"That blacktooth at the end of the bar just bought me Guiness"
by Nutsack McCluskey November 02, 2006
A skank-ass bitch with a rotted front tooth. Also commonly referred to as jaws.
"I think Alvin was with Blacktooth last night."
by PLPimp August 10, 2006
it's that thing when a muslim woman wedges her cellphone between her Hijab and her ear so that she can be "hands-free" while driving, walking or just generally being something lesser than a man.
Oh hello, Rawia, hold on a second while I put on my blacktooth. I'm driving right now and I've already hit 2 cars this morning.
by rts1 November 05, 2013
Dimebag Darrel's alcoholic beverage of choice. It consists of a shot of rum with a splash of Coke.
After drinking a Blacktooth, one might say "Blacktooooth!!"
by Hanzee92 December 08, 2012
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