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Black Swans are inside traders, front runners, market manipulators. Black swans create market swings. Black Swan insurance might possibly be an undercover federal investigation; a sting.
The Mad Max of Wall Street Anthony Elgindy was a Black Swan (con); and his partner, a crooked FBI agent (insider).
by CuproTrio July 28, 2010
Derived from the movie Black Swan

To meet a naive individual then later have relations with them after heavily being under the influence, hearing of their disbelief they would do such a thing the next day.
Bro, she totally went black swan on you last night, she's totally not that type.
by Kaolo March 01, 2011
Verb. To finger blast or perform manual stimulation of the female genetalia.
Tom, smell my fingers, I just black swanned your mom.
by ToxicShockSyn April 06, 2011
After anal penetration and climax, pulling out your penis and it's soft and covered in excrement and looks like a black swan
Greg totally just got a black swan from sithole.
by Apollo Guy March 08, 2011
The marketing of madness.
The cruelest revenge.
Totally ficticious in facts, however the story is a lesson to be learned.
Undeserving of an Oscar, which would be like giving someone a prize for the biggest headfuck.
One of many insane movies of 2010/11, including Inception, Burlesque, Black Swan and many more
by patient4w5 January 19, 2011
An omen of pending death; a look on someone's face indicating that they have seen the grim reaper, and their eyes begin to bleed and turn black.
You could see the vision of the black swan as he lay on his death bed.
by The Only One June 27, 2006
A friend or lover of a vampire who understands the vampiric community; Can or cannot be a donor
I'm his black swan- I feel comfortable around him and accept him, even though he is a vampire.
by Donshin May 25, 2007