A strain of weed that is covered in resin as it is growing and is completely black and is so potent that it takes 2 hit for a beginner to be baked
omg that Black Russian is so sticky
by blunt maker #1 December 10, 2009
Top Definition
An alcoholic drink: one part of kalhua and three parts of vodka; serve in a tumbler glass with plenty of ice cubes
Black Russian is great for after dinner
by Pierre Sm April 23, 2006
A brand of luxury cigarette made by Sobranie but no longer available, at least in the United States. Black Russians were wrapped in deep brown paper and sometimes had gold tips and had a flavor a bit like Nat Shermans. They were the best cigarettes ever made.
Black Russians had so much tar and nicotine their sale was banned.
by Roody October 13, 2006
after fucking a girl long and hard in the ass, you pull it out and put it back in her pussy.
lauren got a wicked infection after getting a black russian
by nams3sa November 16, 2006
An alcoholic drink, similar to a white russian, except substituting milk for coke.

Contains Vodka, Kahlua and Coke
"If the Dude spiced it up a lil, h'ed be drinking black russians"

"You'd never see a black russian named boris"
by Pengwan March 19, 2005
Alcoholic cocktail containing vodka and brandy.
-"One Black Russian please."
-"How do you make that sir?"
-"Aha, now I will tell you how..."
by brendan September 07, 2004

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