The fact that you sons of bitches are talking about black people is really a mockery, speaking of the fact that we are all of African descent. As a black girl, I am currently getting my education at a school that has mostly white people, I have thick, long, curly hair, I attend THREE advanced classes during my school day, I don't like watermelons, and I am proper. There are white women with no ass and a square-shaped body. They sometimes have short, thin, nappy hair, and they most of the time can't dance. Think about that for a change.
Black people somewhat like me: Obama, Oprah Winfrey
by cutegirl476 January 07, 2012
It's extremely disgusting how cowardly people are. It's also sad to see how ignorant people can be. As someone who is seen as 'black', I want to clarify some things:

1. Just like Latinos, Asians, Whites, etc., black people do not just come from Africa. They also live in the Caribbean, South America and so forth.

2. Yes, we do have some issues that need to be fixed. But then again, half a century does not make up for centuries of oppression.

3. Kool Aid and Fried Chicken? Lmao. You lames need to stop taking Encyclopedia Dramatica seriously and get out of your basement.

4. Al Sharpton is not a good representation of 'black people'. NAACP should just disband or find a new objective. They make us look like a weak group of people.

5. Nice to see the hidden self-racism from fellow 'brothas and sistas'. 'Potential to be a great race'? Lmao. That's a good one. I guess Dr.King's hope for 'black and white children to go hand and hand' has been in vain huh? Stop with the bullshit. There are educated black people like myself, who are engaged in deep thought.
At the end of the day, all of you ignorant people will never do something important for the world, because all you do is look at the skin, not the character. Because it seems that after all those years of fighting for equal rights, it still may not be enough.

Think I'm wrong? Prove it. There are many black people who aren't retarded. I'm one of them.
by WiseDudette October 03, 2011
A race of people most known for creating the oldest civilizations on earth. Perhaps these people are best known for their construction of the pyramids and their uncanny understanding of science, physics, mathematics and social construction during ancient times. During ancient times these people were known as Moors, Egyptians, and Aboriginal. Black people are also known to be somewhat higher evolved physically. Black people have melanin in their skin and 9-ether hair which protects them from the sun damage and other harsh elements. Also, they are usually bigger, faster, and stronger than all other races minus a few exceptions. However, modern times has been much more unfavorable to these people. Western Civilization raided, pillaged, and enslaved these people in an attempt to steal their vast knowledge and displace them from their true historical roots.
White American: If black people are so dumb why do they have the oldest civilization on earth and how did they build the pyramids?

Black American:Where did you hear that at?

White American: Oh never mind its probably inaccurate.

Black American:Hell yeah, fuck them ancient niggas
by skummieduw86 February 25, 2012
Black people are a race of color , coolness , and more . Not all of them are ghetto thugs . They come in many forms and types . Yes , we/they can be racist sometimes . Don't call us/them a nigger . A nigga can actaully can be anybody not just a black . It's just the word orignated from us/them and thats why we/they like to joke about it , like asians do . But you should look up that n word to see what I mean . If you are looking to see what this site says about black people / African Americans this is true kind of the only def that's not mean . There is so much more to say but I'm done . I'm black and proud bitch !
Person 1 ; Why are you Black people so cool ? Person 2 ; Because that's how I was born and that's how I roll !
by ColorBoy November 10, 2011
Black people are the darker version of the human race. A large group of individual who has been through a lot but are extremely successful based on their backgrounds and histories they stand tall today and show the world great examples of struggles successes and potential. They are under represented valuable aspect to the American society and one day will not be look at beyond the American stereotypical image they have.
Black people:
Barack Obama

Oprah Winfrey
by MrsSw33t October 13, 2009
When you think of black people, what do you think of? Do you think of someone who steals from your home, speaks improper grammar and relies on well-fare? Well, you obviously don't see us as people, you see us as thieves. White people have stolen the most out of all of the races. Sure, the ghetto makes us look bad, but not all of us live in the ghetto. Heck, Eminem lived in the slums, and he is white! None of you white people try to think of that, do you? So many people discriminate against us, even other blacks. Fuck all of you racists
Racist: I hate black people.
Racist 2: I know, I hate how they always eat chicken and drink kool-aid.
by cutegirl476 January 07, 2012
the realest people ever. we may be violent at times. but ALL of us aren't ignorant and uneducated. in fact many of us are educated and very well off. people that come across many times of testing. Puts God first. and doesn't give a care about what anyone personally thinks of us. we do what we know how to do well. i'm beautiful, black, and proud!
i don't care if yuo like what i wrote or not because i am a black pupil that refuses to see these stereotypical definitions of black people.
by You'll Never Know (: March 17, 2010

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