A Black Person is someone who has to fight racism and ignorance, who has to work twice as hard to prove him/herself to succeed in life, and is probably the most misunderstood and feared of all races.
Black Person
A hard working black man walking down the street wearing jeans dark jacket and a baseball cap sees white woman on the same side of the road coming towards him thinks to himself I should cross over to the other side of the road or put on my headphones to make her know that I am so not interested in attacking her! But she sees him and saves him the trouble by crossing over to the other side herself anyway..thank you!!
by Why oh why March 06, 2012
This term is largely given to niggers. Usually when they have entered the room or are able to hear what you are saying.
Jose: Niggers deserve the same rights as us.
Tim: I agree every nig--(Jamaal walks in) every black person should be considered eqaul equal.
by CodSolja April 27, 2008
One of the two sub-species of "colored" people, the other one being a nigger.

Used to describe an intelligent and respectable colored person.
Judgmental person - "Was that party punch spiked?! That nigger is smoking camels!"

Enlightened person - "Naw brah, that's just a black person."
by Beachhhhhh September 17, 2010
AFRICAN PEOPLE ( the type of person ) like caucasian, asian or latino...a black person is an african like a white person is a caucasian wherever he or she lives in the world; it has nothing to do with culture or values...it's so simple !

African american people may reject this definition but things are like that, in fact hiding the term african behind black is useless...it's all the same !

Also, if you reject this definition that means that you think that we're all different, no colors no " groups of humans " not to say " races "...and that is true ! being 100% african, caucasian, asian is a joke genetically speaking...

to close the debate...do a dna test and if the result is more than 50% african you are black !

Being black is sometimes a mental construction that is impose to you by what the society want black people, african people to be...
black person nelson mandela, tracy mcgrady, chaka zulu, martin luther king
by KankanMusa August 04, 2009
Ok reading some of the definitions of black people. I got really offend so.Let's get the record straight. Most black people don't rape a lot of people. Ok. And some of use are not ignorant and we don't tend to steal. Also not all of us eat fried chicken BTW I'm a very smart black women who have a college degree and, won a spelling bee. So to all the stereotypes who don't like black people fuck you!!!!!
Black people are smart.
by sailor saturn July 01, 2011
The fact that you sons of bitches are talking about black people is really a mockery, speaking of the fact that we are all of African descent. As a black girl, I am currently getting my education at a school that has mostly white people, I have thick, long, curly hair, I attend THREE advanced classes during my school day, I don't like watermelons, and I am proper. There are white women with no ass and a square-shaped body. They sometimes have short, thin, nappy hair, and they most of the time can't dance. Think about that for a change.
Black people somewhat like me: Obama, Oprah Winfrey
by cutegirl476 January 07, 2012
a group of typically African-American individuals that do not like being called black.
fred: look at those black people...
kuanisha: WE'RE BROWN!
kuanisha: MMMMMhmmm
by laurenlovesyou March 05, 2011

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