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-A group of people who have greatly contributed to society but don't get respect for it. Instead they are looked upon as niggers and violent thieves with low intelligence instead of equals with a genuine capacity for great exploits. They feel they are oppressed by society, but on average, they do not emphasize their potential. Therefore other races see them as inferior but they refuse to acknowledge the fact that were are all humans. All the same.
Black, white, yellow, brown, purple? These are colors. But we are PEOPLE. Black people need to step up.
by genuinetruth October 22, 2013
People with a dark complexion. Many different tones. THey are of Arican heritage and very rich in culture, they have been through the most in history and still face challenges in life today. A mixed race person of today is cast as 'black' due to their dark complexion and their history. They have a lot of pigmentation and therefore thicker skin. They are known to have thicker hair than over ethnic groups.
Black People 'Black dont crack'
Black people 'Ebony'
Black people 'African'
by larramia January 16, 2014
A severely misunderstood race that isn't all that bad under all the stereotypes and reality TV.
Casandra thought all Black People were ignorant until she met her new boss Kendrick who was very literate and articulate.
by Anonymous Writer 2248 February 20, 2014
I am truly disgusted with all these asinine definitions of black people. The fact that so many fail to realize that their ancestors used black people in so many ways is ridiculous. Hell, you never know, might have a couple of black people in you family!!! All those so-called definitions are coming from people who are completely ignorant. The stereotype that they are so used to are coming from things heard and unseen. There are millions of educated black people. So many of the things we use around the house were made by black people, things that the other races probably wouldn't have thought to make. So before you speak out on your ignorance, think about all the things you wouldn't have if black people weren't around. Don't be blinded by ignorance & don't get caught up in it, either.
Race #1: All black people are ignorant and dumb!!!
Black person: Really? Do you watch TV?
Race #1: Of course!! I love my TV!!
Black person: Really??!! Well, did you know that a black man invented the piece to make pictures flash across the screen??
Race #1: *silent"
Black person: i bet you also didn't know that a black man created the toilet, the stop sign, the iron, the washing machine, conducted the first open heart surgery and the soles for your shoes.
Race #1: Wow, i don't know what to say...
Black person: I bet you don't.
by smartblackgirl11 July 08, 2013
Before:The Orginial human beings created in Gods image that owned the world. Created Mathematics/Science to build a better civilization Egypt, Orginal keepers of the Gold and resources, can make and produce different colors of humans..

The illegitimate parents of all races Albino+Albino=(White People)

Now: Humans that had yet to realized their true potential, enslaved with a forgotten History by their own creations, Manipulated by others to exploit and become the backbone of their wealth, Slowly exterminating theirselves, the real reason why People make the Forbes 400 list. Biggest consumers, most hated but people want to be like them, feared by others due to defined presence, the unorganized humans..
Black people created most of the technology of today in the past, it is only be recycled, renamed and reused..
by Don203 June 08, 2012
People who have brown skin but somehow are called "black". These people come in different personalities. For example, Ghetto, Oreos, Normal,"Gangstas" & Bible lovers.

Ghetto: (while she's braiding someone's hair) so i was like; bitch go find ur own muthafuckin' mann, no body aint gona find yo nasty ass attractive here!

Costumer: Mmm Mmm Mmm
Friend: (eating fried chicken) u tell 'em guurl!
Oreo: (posh british voice) So, quite frankly Hannah did deserve that because if she didn't then it wouldn't be fair on us.

White friend: Grace you're so right! and did you see her maths test score? she got a 6C! (aka i think a B?)
Oreo: Ahaha! yes, she really needs to study more. I also fancy her boyfriend Jack, i think he is cute!

Gangsta: Ay yo brick! did u see ma bitch kelly? she be actin' all weird now, that bitch be fukin wid me or what?
Brick (friend): Man I heard she be wid that white ass cracka John, Ay there he is now man! let's beat that mudafuka up!
Gangsta: Yeh man that damn cracka and I dont wana know what he be up to with ma bitch kelly, fukin her up wid he's 2 inch dick! man let get 'im!
White guy: Shit, niggers are coming my way!
Gangsta: Ay ay, did he just call me a nigga? that white ass mudafukin' cracka! imma fuck him up!!
(white man beaten so bad, don't say I didn't warn you white people!)
Priest: Now father Jehovah, we ask you in the name of God to bless all these people in this buliding! Oh Lord!
Others: Ayyymeen!
Preist: And bless those who think bad of us, for we know we are sinners and we forgive them!
Others: Ayyymeen!
(after church)
Kid :Momma, I want to play with James today, you said I could after church
Mom: Daniel! you know James doesn't believe in God nor does he attend church and you should know better than to think of socializing with non christians! when we get home you'll be hit again and won't have dinner tonight. Did you do your math homework?
Kid: No momma, satan has took over me and i am ashamed please forgive me?
Mom: Don't ask me ask God, what did God say about forgiveness?
Kid: Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, Acts 3:19
Mom: good boy, no sing what you learnt in bible studies today
Kid: The love of God is greater far,Than tongue or pen can ever tell.....
Black people, you gotta love 'em!
by coolstorybrololol December 16, 2011
A Black Person is someone who has to fight racism and ignorance, who has to work twice as hard to prove him/herself to succeed in life, and is probably the most misunderstood and feared of all races.
Black Person
A hard working black man walking down the street wearing jeans dark jacket and a baseball cap sees white woman on the same side of the road coming towards him thinks to himself I should cross over to the other side of the road or put on my headphones to make her know that I am so not interested in attacking her! But she sees him and saves him the trouble by crossing over to the other side herself anyway..thank you!!
by Why oh why March 06, 2012