The people who always have the most logic in scary movies....but are always first to go (Die)....
White Person: Heyyyy, there's a guy outside with a chainsaw....How did he know I need one of those?!? Hold on I'm gonna go say thanks!! *Leaves*
Black Person: I don't think that's a good idea, man....
White: *comes back* It's all good....See?
Black Person: *Dead*
White: Whoa what happened?
Killer: should know...Black people go first.
by Yomamafoo-_- July 01, 2009
People who never shut the hell up a movies
by ninjawashere January 14, 2010
Also referred to as: Nigger, Nig Nog, Monkey, Porch Monkey, Coon, Nig.

A race of people that are infamous for being on welfare, being lazy, uneducated, and complain about everything.

They are also well known for liking chicken, kool-aid, following white girls, scaring white girls, fighting, dropping out of school, and stealing.
I can smell Cocoa Butter lotion, there must be black people lurking nearby.
by 34Baylor October 06, 2007
Im black so dont think im a racist asshole
There are 2 types of black people.

The 1st kind-A person who is educated, employed and contributes to society.
The 2nd kind-Often called a nigger or nigga. An uneducated,welfare abusing,car stealing, drug dealing, doo rag wearing asshole whos jail cell and welfare is paid for by my tax dollars. Oh, and often calls the 1st type of black people "white"
1st kind of black person(to a coworker):Hey how are you doing?

2nd kind of black person(to a friend): Yo mah nigga lets get to the welfare so i can get mah check.
by None of your buisness. June 18, 2010
A race of people whose younger generation I dislike.

Whenever any black person who thinks they are a gangsta tries to talk to me, it's always an insult or something likewise. I am sick of so many of them and how they think they are so cool and great when they are going to fail later in life. Just think, 60 years ago these people had no dignity at all with constant subtle separation and occasional insults from whites. Blacks weren't the same then as the young generation is now. They cared about their future and equality enough to protest their way to fair rights. Now, its just a waste for every gangsta wannabe who just wastes good money by wasting all the time they can coasting through school. The young generation needs to realize what they need for their future and stop wasting their lives. They're making their own race look bad..

Person1: "That guy doesn't even try in school! He just sleeps in class and complains."

Person2: "It's a waste of taxpayer's money..."

Black person described above: "Man, fuck school. I'm gonna be a ballin rapper once I get outta dis shit hole."
by Josh082792 August 25, 2008
as a black male reading some of the definitions about blacks on this site was very disturbing and highly offensive. I'm sure most of the people who wrote these definitions have gone solely on racial stereotypes and have not even been wronged by a black male or female. There are good and bad people of every race not just black people. education is not based on the color of your skin rather what you do with that knowledge. I'm sure if i went to any part of the world I would find an uneducated or person that eats fried chicken. I really hope one day people will change the way they look at black people. I really do.
other race: tch I bet all black people are sure to grow up and go to jail because they are all uneducated and commit crimes

black person: do you even know any black people?

other race: but i hear from other people about them

black person: so what your saying is even though you have never met one, you have formed a stereotypical opinion about them

other race: yep because I'm ignorant and ready to put down an entire race of people because of what some guy told me

black person: well what if you were black and i was (other race) would you like it if I did that?

other race: hmm never thought of it that way
by aproudblackteen August 04, 2010
A "race" of people.

While it is possible for them to be well educated, the opportunity isn't taken advantage of.

Common places where you can find Black People are at your local Kentucky Fried Chicken, outside your local liquor store, and in your living room stealing your television set.. Right now.

Black People can be categorized by their lack of belts, exposed under garments and general hatred of all other races, usually proclaiming that the "man has been keepin' 'dem down!" and "'hatin on a nigga!", these are usually just ploys to avoid employment.

Common ways of dealing with Black People are to avoid eye contact, any, eye contact.
Throw a bucket of fresh (or to them phresh) "Kernel", then run ten miles in the opposite direction. If they happen to follow you, "whip" out your cat-o-nine tails and go to work.

If you are a white female and are particularly infatuated with Black People, DON'T BE! Theres a high probability you will be raped if you make any eye contact.
I'm afraid of Black People!

Me too!
by Anon1426513426153 August 25, 2008

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