People who have brown skin but somehow are called "black". These people come in different personalities. For example, Ghetto, Oreos, Normal,"Gangstas" & Bible lovers.

Ghetto: (while she's braiding someone's hair) so i was like; bitch go find ur own muthafuckin' mann, no body aint gona find yo nasty ass attractive here!

Costumer: Mmm Mmm Mmm
Friend: (eating fried chicken) u tell 'em guurl!
Oreo: (posh british voice) So, quite frankly Hannah did deserve that because if she didn't then it wouldn't be fair on us.

White friend: Grace you're so right! and did you see her maths test score? she got a 6C! (aka i think a B?)
Oreo: Ahaha! yes, she really needs to study more. I also fancy her boyfriend Jack, i think he is cute!

Gangsta: Ay yo brick! did u see ma bitch kelly? she be actin' all weird now, that bitch be fukin wid me or what?
Brick (friend): Man I heard she be wid that white ass cracka John, Ay there he is now man! let's beat that mudafuka up!
Gangsta: Yeh man that damn cracka and I dont wana know what he be up to with ma bitch kelly, fukin her up wid he's 2 inch dick! man let get 'im!
White guy: Shit, niggers are coming my way!
Gangsta: Ay ay, did he just call me a nigga? that white ass mudafukin' cracka! imma fuck him up!!
(white man beaten so bad, don't say I didn't warn you white people!)
Priest: Now father Jehovah, we ask you in the name of God to bless all these people in this buliding! Oh Lord!
Others: Ayyymeen!
Preist: And bless those who think bad of us, for we know we are sinners and we forgive them!
Others: Ayyymeen!
(after church)
Kid :Momma, I want to play with James today, you said I could after church
Mom: Daniel! you know James doesn't believe in God nor does he attend church and you should know better than to think of socializing with non christians! when we get home you'll be hit again and won't have dinner tonight. Did you do your math homework?
Kid: No momma, satan has took over me and i am ashamed please forgive me?
Mom: Don't ask me ask God, what did God say about forgiveness?
Kid: Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, Acts 3:19
Mom: good boy, no sing what you learnt in bible studies today
Kid: The love of God is greater far,Than tongue or pen can ever tell.....
Black people, you gotta love 'em!
by coolstorybrololol December 16, 2011
Top Definition
A potentially great people who have a lot of problems that need to be addressed. Quite rightly they feel a great injustice has been done to them in the past, but this tends to negate any ability they might have to look upon themselves self critically…thus perpetuating a cycle of crime and underachievement.
Historically black people have suffered a lot at the hands of others, but for how long can they keep blaming the past for their problems?
by Stratostreak December 07, 2006
The section of the population with which George Bush does not concern himself.
George Bush doesn't care about black people.
by The Real Gobbler December 16, 2007
25% are nice and want to be educated, the other 75% are ignorant, and get offended when being called nigga. Then they beat up other racists for no reason and take their shit. they always go in groups to jump people because they are pussies who can't fight one on one
a group of Black people: yo lets jump that guy for no reason
other black guy: yeah! he got a pretzel.
non black guy walking down the street: oh shit!
"gets beat up"
by daddy811 November 14, 2007
I feel slightly bad for saying this, knowing all of the great black people whom I know, and having an understanding of the great accomplishments of the black race, but the younger generations of African Americans are steadily becoming more ignorant and racist. Fewer black children have dreams to do great things after the turn 12. From 12 on they just want to be gangsters and turn to racism towards whites and minorities besides themselves to make themselves feel better about their stupidity. There are no longer kids like Ben Carson or Richard Wright. Nowadays black kids want to be like 50 cent or some stupid rapper with no education. Black kids are now contradicting everything that the Civil Rights movement was for. It was not meant to simply make black people better than everyone else. The purpose of the Movement was to promote peace and equality. It was supposed to allow blacks, whites, and all other races to get along. Now young blacks are almost as racist as the whites were to their grandparents. Every day of elementary school I heard black kids making racially offensive comments towards whites or non black minorities. They think it's ok to be racist towards non blacks but if in response a white person calls them a nigger in response to their previous statement they freak out yelling "DID YOU HEAR WHAT THIS WHITE ASS CRACKA MOFUCKA JUST SAID! THIS CRACKA IS A RACIST!" It is sad to see how blacks are now given the chance to achieve greater education, yet so few of them try to achieve it. They think the way to succeed is to try to be a gangster even though they are all just soft little kids. I know there are exceptions and that there are many great, respectable, educated black people out there, but this is what you will see on a daily basis. It's sad.
Person 1: Why'd that little kid just call us "cracka mofuckas? We didn't even say anyhting to him?

Person 2: Oh, dont worry. He's a black person.
by mikeeeee July 08, 2006
One of the most hypocritcal races on our planet. They like to walk around in large groups, calling each other a long list of racial slurs(usually consisting of Nigga, Nig, Dog, or some form of the three). But as soon as somebody with less pigment in their skin comes along and says anything remotely close to what they seem to like to call themselves, they get their cousins, brothers(or "bruthas"), sisters(sistahs), aunty, uncle, pops, momma, and other fellow blacks to all lend a hand in jumping the poor one who slipped up and said something even the slightest bit out of line.
Blacky#1: Yo nigga, what's goin' down...
Blacky#2: Nuthin' much nigga, you see that fine hoe ova' thur'?
Whitey/Yellowy/Reddy: Hey nig', that's my girl you're talkin' about!
Blacky#1(Or 2): Whut da' fug did you just say bitch?
Blacky#2(Or 1, depending on who had previously spoken): You racist fuck! Let's get'um!

***As if by magic, the entire black people family, plus friends appears out of thin air and jumps the White/Yellow/Red skinned person.***
by Jimmmm## July 10, 2008
Have a chip on there shoulder, never say thanks or please, and are usually rude. Sometimes like to wear hats incorrectly.
You'll find examples of this (black people) pretty much everywhere, however places such as Gyms, Restaurants and most Public Areas are most vunerable.
by Mr Ghandi May 21, 2007
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