Black metal is a style of heavy metal music that developed in the far northern latitudes by mostly teenage musicians morbidly obsessed with having so pale skin. In their attempt to remedy their hue they tried to emulate 'blackmetal', but failed miserably. The sad variant
they created is seen as pathetic, and therefore it is called "black metal" which refers to the coloration of the musical tone rather than the musicians' skin color.

See also: blackmetal
Hendrix is often considered the God of blackmetal, whereas Mayhem are often called the gods of black metal.
by Ingram August 30, 2004
The worst genre of metal and probably all of music out there besides rap and country. All black metal is is just a gimmick. It's a genre of metal where talentless people with a guitar and drumset can get a record deal and produce awful noise. It usually consists of losers who dress up like goths. The band must use the following: very shitty recording and mixing, absolutely no form of bass, a very distorted incorehent treble guitar, shitty drum beat, and a vocalist who sounds like he's a vulture or vomiting(must always be incoherent at all costs). Black metal gives metal a bad name and should be abolished. I have no clue why people actually like it. Look you fucktards just because a band gains some popularity doesn't mean they sold out. It just means more people appreciate them and their fanbase is growing. Bands like Burzum are underground for a reason, because he is so fucking bad.

My friend told me to download Burzum, so I did. At first I thought it was a joke band, just a spoof on metal. The guy sings so bad he actually coughs in his songs because he sucks. I looked him up and found out he is a real band. What the fuck is wrong with you people?
Out of all the awful bands that is black metal, Venom, is the one I can really enjoy. As a fan of metal, this is a disgrace. They should just rename Black Metal to crap metal, because it's just that, crap.
by *insert middle finger here* June 22, 2006
Shitty, piss poor production, metal. Listened to by goths or people that are far too "evil" to be caught listening to death metal. Most hate any bands that are "untr00" (ex:dimmu borgir).

Cradle of Filth it an prime of example of true black metal
haha, just kidding, but seriously, black metal blows asshole.

you will catch black metal bands wearing queer ass corpse paint, lots of leather with spikes/nails everywhere, and leather guard to hold in their enourmous unholy gut, a pentagram,inverted cross necklace, and a huge belt/knee pads with inverted crosses on them. satan doesn't even like these queers.

A typical blackmetal bandsname will be something like "abolished" or "dark garden" or "satan's children" or some gay shit always with a logo you can't read for shit with needless distorted letters with an upside down cross hanging from the bottom or one of the letters put over a pentagram.

again you must remeber black metal is extremely homo-riffic.
Black Metal Fan: My name is Nakrogakor ,i am going to burn down a church!
My Lord Lucifer will give me strength to murder the priest after i drink a goat's blood.
by Liberate te ex Inferis February 21, 2005
a kind of heavey metal with hipitch screeming and low pitch deep screaming of compleaty un-underestadable satanc lyrics like cradle of filth-dimmu borigr-rotting christ-christian death-acheron-leviathan
i love heavey metal punk rap metal and some death metal but black metal is so stupid
by xion May 07, 2005
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