A word used by some in the heavy metal culture to describe something that falls into the following categories:

-Dark classical music
"Dude, that movie last night was straight up black metal!"

"Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7 was f**king black metal!"

by Nick Galvatron April 21, 2008
Music which started off with Venom, but then a bunch of Norweigans heard it and totally failed to get the joke... Cue much church burning, murder and hilarity!
Mayhem, Emperor, Darkthrone, Burzum, etc...
by Stefanael March 08, 2005
The evil twin of death metal. Black metal is the music of the unforgiving and those who are devoted to magic and or Satan. Black metal is far more dangerous than death metal because unlike death metal, black metal can cause temporary retardation, instant need for Satanism, the need for shrooms and other trip drugs, the want to burn a bible, suicide, murder, slowly tearing yourself apart, and fear of the dead. But those immune to it sometimes find it more appealing and beautiful than normal death metal. WARNING! NEVER BACKMASK BLACK METAL!
Give an emo kid this shit and you'll be cleaning flesh and blood forever. Most preppies generally hate this music because their friend tore their head off while it played. Most kids that backmask black metal end up inside out and morbidly raped by their own tongue.
See death metal if you want more info.
by Jorge Sanchez June 21, 2005
A bullshit genre of what some people consider music. The lyrics consist of random screeming about satanism, death, macabre, ect. Band members are decked out in black leather (lots of it), spikes, nails, studds, fudge-packer paint (oops, I mean "corpse paint"), ect. The fanbase is full of non-comformist, gothic, satanic, nazi fucks. Black metal fans should find Jesus and find some deacent bands such as The Doors, Pearl Jam, Widespread Panic, Keller Williams, Ani Difranco, The Dave Matthews Band, The Grateful Dead, Tori Amos, Xavier Rudd. The list goes on and on of non-angry or satanic bands. So, all black metal fans out there, go fuck yourselves!!!
Black metal fan: Let's go burn down a church and fuck some nuns.

Human Being: Die you sick fuck!!!(shoots black metal fan)

Black metal fan: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
by Spreadhead May 12, 2005
deriving from the defintions of spiritual blackness and heavy metal music, black metal is evil, anti-Light, lyrics sang and/or shouted over neo-classical nordic and islandic music played by a band of musicians that contains guitars, bass, drums, keyboards/synthesizers, and many other various orchestra instruments. it's origin is unknown. also referred to as viking metal or ice metal.
dimmu borgir, emperor
by mhb January 13, 2004
Pure 100% Third Reich Nazism.
sick sick sick fuckin shit!
by yuck February 14, 2005
death metal is gey

listing to black metal!
bLacccCk muthul is wAr!

black metal!
by hell born March 31, 2006

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