see 1349. New TRUE Norwegian Black Metal.
1349, Carpathian Forest, and Naglfar are all great BM bands.
by 1349 Fan February 27, 2005
Sub-genre of heavy metal that was developed throughout the 80s and early 90s. Venom's 1982 release, "Black Metal," is responsible for coining the term. The LP was full of Satanic camp, sloppy playing and raw production, as well as singer Cronos's growled vocals. By 1983, Hellhammer had formed and played an even more minimal style than Venom. As they matured, they changed their name to Celtic Frost and would eventually become known for transcending several extreme styles, including thrash metal, black metal, death metal and doom metal.

Bathory is perhaps the most notable black metal group from the 80s. The first three albums ("Bathory," "The Return," and "Under the Sign of the Black Mark) provided the listener with buzzsaw guitars, low fidelity production, shrieked vocals and simplistic phrasing, making Venom seem tame in comparison. By the end of the decade, frontman Quorthon had taken the sound into a "viking metal" direction, slowing down the tempo and distancing itself from Satanic overtones.

There were other groups in the 80s that were influential to black metal, including the thrashy sound of Sodom, the Venom-esque aggression of Italy's Bulldozer and the traditional sound of Mercyful fate, whose frontman King Diamond was among the first to wear the Kiss-like makeup that has become known as "corpse paint."

In the early 1990s, Norway would be primarily responsible for the development of second wave black metal. A number of musicians who felt that death metal had become stagnant decided to separate themselves from the flock by paying tribute to 80s black metal while establishing new ideas for the young genre. Darkthrone, Burzum, Mayhem, Emperor, Immortal, Enslaved and Satyircon all began releasing albums that, while individually unique, had many of the same elements. This included extensive use of tremolo picking, open string playing, standard tuning, shrieked vocals, and lyrics focused on occultist themes. Additionally, pinch harmonics and palm muting were rarely heard. Several of these musicians were also known for burning down Norwegian churches, perhaps as a way of protesting the prominence of Christianity in the area. Another controversial element of black metal were groups such as Absurd and Graveland, who had National Socialist leanings.

Outside of Norway were a number of influential groups, such as Dark Funeral, Beherit, Impaled Nazerine, and Behemoth. Other groups such as Mystifier, Archgoat and Belphegor, successfully combined black and death metal. Other fusions include ambient black metal (early Burzum, Blut Aus Nord) and folk metal (Finntroll, Korpiklaani). And much like melodic death metal, there is also a melodic branch of black metal (Graveworm, Rotting Christ, Dimmu Borgir). Recently, groups such as Forgotten Tomb and Amesoeurs combine shoegaze/emo with black metal, an unlikely combination, perhaps a reflection of black metal's occasional commercial appeal.
Darkthrone is the most well known black metal band, releasing several influential albums throughout the 1990s before leaning towards a punk inspired style.
by PugFuglies July 13, 2009
A sub-category of hip-hop or R&B, who's listeners mainly consists of Tanzanian midgets, and American hipsters. There are many genre's of Black Metal (Blackened Blue Grass, Blackened Country Western Metal, Blackened Electronica, Blackened Pop, and Blackened Gospel). There are many famous people who listen to Black Metal and it's sub-categories. Lee Harvey Oswald, Charles Manson, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Shania Twain, Miranda Lambert, Johnny Cash, Neo, 50 Cent, and Tipper Gore consist of these famous people.
Guy 1: "Hey man! Let's listen to some Black Metal!"

Guy 2: "Hey man! Fuck you!"
by regualrjololl November 22, 2013
Brandon Forde
If you know him, you know why. Black Metal.
by ILoveDayglow October 29, 2011
Noise. A good definition of it.

Loud noise. A better definition.

This type of music is based entirely upon distortion and double bass drumming. Take this out and you only have weird inhuman throaty noises for vocals which try to convey political and social rebellion for the pseudo rebels who are actually unpopular loners and who want to "be different".

Also practices related to killing animals and burning religious books, which if seen objectively, have nothing to do with music whatsoever. Most of them also have something to do with satanic cults which is again a cover up for loners who cant get laid and blame god for it. And yeah, the people performing this noise have to put on make up. Nobody knows why.
Vocalist : Aaaaarrrrghh...laaarr...faaaaaaaaa....(incoherent throaty growling noises)
Black metal fan : What deep lyrics! What a melody!
by Ranajeet July 18, 2011
A musical genre inspired by death metal and heavy metal, and pioneered by sucky-ass bands like Venom.

Generally split up into several subgenres like Depressive black metal, Raw black metal, Blackened death metal, Drone metal and Pure black metal.

Depressive black metal tends to derive influence from ambience and suicide, with bands like Xasthur, Burzum, Hate Forest and Be Persecuted, who tend to structure their songs around misanthropy and depression.

Raw black metal was formed as a bulwark against recent black metal trends, which threaten to make it a mainstream genre. Vlad Tepes, Grand Belial's Key and Peste Noire are two of the major bands of this subgenre, which emphasizes purposely low production quality to keep the music from ever being able to be mainstream.

Blackened death metal is a fusion subgenre of death and black metal, with bands like Behemoth which mix traditional death metal style with lyrics and titles from black metal, typically.

Drone metal, with bands such as Sunno ))) and Boris tends to be more ambient than black, wich a mix of antireligious lyrics/titles and purely instrumental, paganistic form.

Pure black metal, (which is becoming rarer as the genre approaches mainstream quality,) with bands like Nargaroth and Marduk, tends to have stereotypically antichristian/ antireligious titles and lyrics, as well as a structure exceeding death metal in intensity. Most early black metal falls into this category, but most early black metal could also pass as raw black metal as well.
Christ Raping Black Metal!
by Styxhexenhammer August 29, 2009
The sound of true black evil in man.
Für manche ist black metal spaß, für manche eine epoche ihrem leben, für manche aber auch nur zeitvertreib!

Für mich ist es Haß, ist es Kraft!
Für mich is black metal Blut!
Black Metal ist Krieg!!!!!
by emily September 16, 2004
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