Word orginates from Kobe in the African language for swasty nigga. Black mamba can also refer to an anaconda in arabic language referring to the one with big thang.
Did you see the size of that black mamba?

The black mamba hit the game winner yesterday!
by BiG WaYne Dozer December 06, 2009
When a person sneaks up behind a male person, and with their fingers pointed together they spear them in the ballsack from behind. While doing this, they yell, "BLACK MAMBA!!!"
The other day I was sneaking up behind Jimmy in order to give him a black mamba.
by Russell Thornton May 29, 2008
Black Mamba N. 1. Was featured in both Kill Bills 2. Killed Cooperhead and Cottonmouth in Volume 1 3. Was in a coma for four years because of a sereve beating by the deadly DiVAS 4. Killed Bill in Volume 2 5. Found daughter in Kill Bill 2
The Bride : Wiggle your big toe.
by Black Mamba September 10, 2004
The act of taking a large poop, freezing that poop, and using it as a dildo in your ass. You then leave it in there until you need to poop again, at which time you re-freeze the poo and repeat.
Lisa's ass hole was still sore from the Black Mamba she received from Mike the other day
by Loves the Mamba April 13, 2009
A vemous snake that is black it is the fastest snake in the world and the most aggresive toward mankind. Found in places like Africa. You can can die from the bite in less then an a few hours
oh shit i got bit by the Black Mamba i better get to a hospital
by Darkwing369 June 07, 2006
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