The foot of a dark young woman that attacks penises at mating time.
Ivanna's foot is a blackmamba.
by Enrique Toadstool December 20, 2006
A subliminal indication of defecation that will be silent, quick, but deadly (in terms of odor), like the highly venomous snake.
Hey man I have to go Black Mamba, can you watch the kids for a few?

I'm about to Black Mamba really quick.
by creeeperr March 29, 2014
A foot of a dark-colored young woman which likes to attack penises at mating season.
Ivanna's foot (the mother blackmamba)in december!
by Enrique Toadstool December 20, 2006
A very poisonous snake, considered as one of the most dangerous one in the world. Used to describe a very annoying and sarcastic person.
- Do you know what a 'black mamba' is?
- Nope.
- It is the most poisonous snake, my friend. Having been bitten by it, you will die 30 seconds before you were bitten.
by atsvetkov March 17, 2011
The term Black Mamba refers to the preying on vulnerable women, such as those that are distraught or extremely drunk. Often found in the tropical climate of Hong Kong, the Black Mamba has its origins in South Korea. Unlike honourable predators, such as the lion, the Black Mamba will bite prey from hiding, releasing its paralyzing venom. Once the prey is vulnerable and poses no threat, the Black Mamba will feast.
1. A young man hugs then pecks a female friend on the cheek, to say goodbye after a night out. Once they pull away the man attempts to kiss the friend, the man succeeds as the friend is extremely drunk. The young man is a Black Mamba.

2. A female friend is distraught after hearing unfavourable news, a young man comforts the friend. On face value he is acting chivalrous, however his true intentions are realised once he strikes and kisses the female friend.
by Snake Wrangler 09 July 20, 2009
A very large dick, sizing around 13 inches. It is commonly seen praying on younger girls and virgins
"Yo man did you hear about that girl who took on the black mamba?"
"Ya i heard she was hospitalized"
by T-fre May 13, 2010
A type of legal herb that is smokeable and could be used in tea. It has very little known side effects and has many benefits (can relieve anxiety and increase sexual desires and orgasms). The sensation from Black Mamba can be similarly compared to that of Marijuana. It also does NOT come up on drug tests.
Me and Jimmy-Steve smoked 2 grams of that Black Mamba and we got hella budded!
by NickyBumps September 25, 2010
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