A venomous type of snake, also the former codename of Beatrix Kiddo (AKA The Bride), the main character in the Kill Bill movies.
"Black Mamba...hmph! I should've been motherfucking 'Black Mamba'!" as said by Vernita Green in Kill Bill Volume 1
by Hand Hanzo January 15, 2005
When a person sneaks up behind a male person, and with their fingers pointed together they spear them in the ballsack from behind. While doing this, they yell, "BLACK MAMBA!!!"
The other day I was sneaking up behind Jimmy in order to give him a black mamba.
by Russell Thornton May 29, 2008
Black Mamba N. 1. Was featured in both Kill Bills 2. Killed Cooperhead and Cottonmouth in Volume 1 3. Was in a coma for four years because of a sereve beating by the deadly DiVAS 4. Killed Bill in Volume 2 5. Found daughter in Kill Bill 2
The Bride : Wiggle your big toe.
by Black Mamba September 10, 2004
the uncontrollable urge to "find prey" in all men (founded by christopher barney).
yoo, i totally just saw chris's black mamba
Thomas Pearson, Black Mamba
"Hey Black Mamba"
"Who's Black Mamba"
"Thomas Pearson is"
by MDK85 November 22, 2007
A vemous snake that is black it is the fastest snake in the world and the most aggresive toward mankind. Found in places like Africa. You can can die from the bite in less then an a few hours
oh shit i got bit by the Black Mamba i better get to a hospital
by Darkwing369 June 07, 2006
The code name for the character of The Bride/Beatrix Kiddo in quentin tarantino's awesome movie, Kill Bill.
Yo, my new nickname is black mamba, alright, cuz I am the shit.
by xblackmamba06 May 23, 2004
whenever you come up behind one of your friends and grab their nutsack and pick them up until they fall on their face.
Derak wasn't expecting the black mamba.
by Crawfish10 April 12, 2006

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