man who, after a 2 day binder of heavy drinking, stepped up to his trash can pulpit and gave the famous "jesus was a black man" speech
by austin July 27, 2004
Simply and Utterly Denzel Washington
Damn did you see Denzel in that last movie, mother fucker is the Black Jesus.
by Swiz Nasty May 04, 2006
Post on the internet that is referring to something considered old by most.
John posts a link to All Your Base, talking about how funny it is.

I respond, "Black Jesus strikes again."
by Legrac February 07, 2005
a drink composed of 1 part vodka, 2 parts milk, 1 part half-n-half, and 2 parts Nesquik.
keep your rosary close, but keep your black jesus closer...
by dj-nasty June 03, 2005
nickname for mike vick
man u see black jesus on dat 60 yard run to win tha game?? damn and hes a QB
by Griff July 01, 2004
A term referring to an African American with extraordinary talent.
Michael Jordan advised the player who was guarding him not to mess wih "black Jesus."
by Originnone May 22, 2016
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