Slang for "off the hook".
Look at that dude rocking the Hellsing shirt over there. Now he's blackin'!
by Real_AirCooledMan March 20, 2007
Top Definition
to piece together parts of a night that was initially categorized as a blackout. Usually followed by an epiphany
I remember being really hungry, really tired and really cold last night. But that doesn't explain why I'm now well fed, well rested and smell like shit. Wait a second! I'm starting to black in now. I was stumbling home and decided to fulfill all 3 needs in one shot so I hopped in a dumpster, covered myself in newspaper and ate a bunch of dumpster food.
I'm not an alcoholic because I didn't blackout, but I might actually be a bum
by Olof Carmody February 25, 2008
the phenomenon that occurs when you regain cognitive memory from a blackout's clutches, usually occurring when raging to the wee hours of the morn.
Kid: "Did you close last night?"
Sav: "There's a long and short story to that. Regrettably, I began to black in and realized that bitch was heinous as fuck. I also noticed I still had half a Loko left and, whelp, the rest will go down in the annals of history."
Kid: "You never cease to amaze me."
by Left Cup Lance November 14, 2010
A term for the classical language of latin when used by african american people. usually used when an african american wishes to express an ebonic saying.
why do you always use blackin.....
by dannythebagman June 30, 2011
Essentially the compliment to 'blackout', as used in the term 'blackout drunk', wherein an individual comes around from their supposed state of extreme intoxication and into a surprised and often traumatized state. Is often reached a few hours after peak alcohol consumption and in the middle of a compromising or otherwise unwanted situation. Not to be confused with the other kind of 'blackout drunk', which refers to when an individual actually loses consciousness. Somehow, the two are used interchangeably these days by the youth.
Cletus: Did you see bongqueesha last night at that toga party? Bitch was in the middle of a cunnilingus kegstand when she fell down, looked around, and stumbled off vomiting!

DeSean: Damn, talk about a blackin to remember.
by Longrod Von Hugedong April 22, 2013
v. the act of blacking out; to become so hammered that you no longer retain the ability to control oneself:

2) becoming so drunken that you completely forget the previous nights events
after drinking a liter and smoking several boshels we knew for sure he would be "blackin"by the end of the night
by threeeve October 05, 2009
Slang for "off the hook".
Look at that dude rocking the Hellsing shirt over there. Now he's blackin'!
by Real_AirCooledMan March 20, 2007
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