a night when you and everyone you're with blacks out
Last night was a black hole. Nobody remembers anything.

We totally black holed last night. All I know is that I'm pretty sure we partied.
by rynomite July 14, 2010
A girl who's vag is SO wide and SO deep you can't see the end of it. Nothing can escape it
Matt " dude I so wanna bang that lyssa girl, I heard she'll bang anyone"

Friend " dude don't that girls a blackhole! If you value your manhood don't go near that shit!"
by ShawtyIsA10 September 10, 2010
In porn, a black hole is when the guy is doing the girl missionary or doggy style, and the camera is behind the guy showing his anus. Staring into the black hole will steal your soul.
I was watching Do It Doggy Style, when they kept showing the guy's black hole. I didn't want to lose my soul, so I turned it off.
by ein wrose September 01, 2010
A ridiculously hairy asshole, so dark it gives the appearance of a black hole.
Alex just showed me his black hole.
by DeerQueef September 10, 2009
a theory of an object in space, which is believed to consume anything, that enters into it.
Kyle thinks blackholes are Fact, but he's an idiot so a blackhole must have consumed his brain.
by poonjah April 26, 2005
The space between the seat and the middle console in the front of a car.
"Crap! My phone just fell in the black hole!"
by McDonald's Inc. May 23, 2016
Any place where things go and aren't likely to ever be seen again, such as The Bermuda Triangle, London (for Aussie singer/actresses), or my sister's bedroom when we lived at home.
Mum: "I'm going to vacuum Ali's room, then make dinner."

Bec: "No Mum, don't go in the black hole! We'll never see you again, and Dad's too tired to make dinner!"
by TrekBec February 04, 2010
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