Apparently in the black community, this is a racist term because it has the word "black" in it without any words of praise surrounding it. Because of its political incorrectness, please note that it has now been renamed an African American Quantum Singularity.
John Wiley Price, the Mayor of Dallas and a black judge recently were offended and demanded an apology (no, I'm not making this up) for a white councilman referring to the traffic office as a "black hole" where paperwork is sent and never seen again. "How would you like it if I called it a 'white hole'?" Mr. Wiley-Price immediately retorted. Next on the list: Blackjack, Blackberry and Blackbird.
by FigurinOutLife August 09, 2008
Someone notorious for not returning money borrowed from friends. ie. Steve Turkey
"dude, I wonder how much baby formula that black hole can buy with my money"
by Jeanie March 03, 2006
-Commonly regarded as the point of insection of any object compressed to within its Schwarzschild radius, at which it begins to collaps inward...
-but more generally a condition in which an equation governing a physical law is pushed to an extreame not possible according to itself...
...essentially a physical manifestation of an asymptote or a infinite limit, solved for any complex equation...
-for instance at some point any gravity related law can be manipulated to result in, oh say, a non-finite mass or in-constant time...
---Let me try and simplify, mathamatically the sum of an infitinte series can be infinite, physically it cannot, yet any physical equation can be integrated into a form where it can yeild similar results...
uhh, let me try again........
-the sum of all mass in the universe is infinite, not too hard to accept
-the sum of that infinite mass can be confined within a finite space, can't quite wrap your brain around it conceptually, so we call it a Blackhole!!
I took a combination of Theoretical-Mathamtics, and Philosophy courses my first semester, so this is how I define a Blackhole...
by q4 June 09, 2004
Black holes are rarely seen creatures that operate in the shadows. If anything is left lying around or falls off a table, a black hole might (for they are decreasing in number) run past and swallow it up. The reasons for them doing so are unknown but what is odd is that some of them redeposit what they've swallowed at a different location. Not to be confused with thieving gypsy bastards.
"Has anyone seen my pen?" - typical response after a black hole feeding session.
by Mr Ben February 09, 2005
a vagina that has been stretched so huge by various insertions into it (such as double fisting, fruit, vegetables, DP, etc.), that you can get sucked into it and never come back.
Don't make me throw you into Aimee's black hole.
by lawlz314 August 28, 2009
A teammate in a pickup basketball game who won't pass to save his life...The ball goes in and won't come back out.
Don't pass to dude in the blue shorts, he's a black hole.
by GBurgNupe August 24, 2004
A region or area on Planet Earth where you absolutely cannot get a cell phone signal but everywhere else within the general area you can.
(while driving) "Wait a second I'm going through a black hole. I might have to call you back."
by Boudin169 March 10, 2009
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