When a girls ass is so gaping that when you look at it, it looks like a black hole. It consumes anything that goes in it
I was banging that chick last night when i looked down and saw her gaping Black Hole
by ItzzzNate October 05, 2012
Any place where things go and aren't likely to ever be seen again, such as The Bermuda Triangle, London (for Aussie singer/actresses), or my sister's bedroom when we lived at home.
Mum: "I'm going to vacuum Ali's room, then make dinner."

Bec: "No Mum, don't go in the black hole! We'll never see you again, and Dad's too tired to make dinner!"
by TrekBec February 04, 2010
Your stomach after the act of smoking marijuana, when it cannot be filled and it forces you to continually consume food.
After we smoked, Abdullah ate an entire box of hamburger helper and ordered a large pizza because he couldn't fill his black hole.
by Zabdullah January 27, 2012
A swirling vortex which spews blood and ninja gore when a ninja mikes creating the most obnoxious sound ever. *Origin: N+
"BLACK HOLE!!! count it"
by Araballz January 24, 2009
A nickname for someone who is so deep within another man's ass-hole even light cannot escape.
You can call me the blackhole because I will be so deep even light cannot escape (from your asshole).
by PussyDestroyer9000 March 25, 2014
a scientific myth that is grounded on the so-called lorentz' contraction (the idea that space gets distorted). it contradicts the POV (persistence of vision, the idea that space only appears to get distorted, because time takes a while to travel).
noone's ever seen a black hole. all the pictures the academia presents are digital artworks.
by sabicu November 10, 2013
An IT department that gets endless tickets for the same problem and replies with the same thing every time and sends it off to another IT department that supposed to fix the problem but never does.
"For ticket 2373722000028983872 "Smoke emitting from computer" email the ticket to IT department C3; copy and past e "Smoke emitting from computer" from ticket 2373722000028983872 to ticket 0000328834 and send it to IT@blackhole.com"

"Yeah I know we have been doing that for years, smoke still emits from that same computer!"
by blackhole@nobodycares.com February 11, 2012
A state of intoxication when you know that you are TOO drunk already, but you also know that there is still a lot of alcohol in your system that hasn't hit you yet so you are going to get MORE drunk and there's nothing you can do about it.
When I left the club last night I realized I was way too drunk, but I'd just had those last 2 shots, so I knew I was in the black hole. I just wanted to get home and sleep thru it.

I was black holing so bad when we left the club. I have got to stop drinking earlier in the night.
by akaDeAnne April 03, 2011

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