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A person with black hair
Oi blackhead get over here!
by Jason hallway April 01, 2007
people that smoke your weed and never pay you back for it
yo black heads you owe me $50
by cellphonecrackwhorecomputeruse September 02, 2008
Dirty sebacious matter clogging a pore to the point it is visible to others. Most often found on noses, cheeks and chins, though they can develop anywhere. They are often satisfying to squeeze. They are also a sign the person does not take very good care of him- or herself.
My ex-wife, who turned out to be a pig, let her whole nose get full of blackheads. Everyone thought they were freckles.
by Hooting Harry February 09, 2005
a person that has ugly black hair. a way to get back at a person for calling you like (a dumb blond), you can call them something like a pimple.
"You are so ugly, you are a brunette ew" "That is ok you are a black head"
by fusugina November 18, 2007