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A black collar worker is a person who trades in the black market. They either engage in illegal activities, or try to avoid taxes on legal income.
I thought uncle Escobar was a farmer, but he might be black collar after all.
by cyasix December 19, 2007
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1. An unknown or up-and-coming independent working artist/designer who toils long hours for relatively little or speculative pay.

2. The working class artist. (see also: White Collar, Blue Collar)

3. An artist who collectively guards the creative and personal independence of all artists.
Working late into the night, the Black Collar artists finally completed the mural.
by B. Krizzle January 03, 2012
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A overlooked and/or unknown person
A black collar music artist(unknown)
I'm black collar, no one is looking for me(overlooked).
by Vizhair September 30, 2010
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Jobs that black people do i.e. jail.
Those damn negros need to get some real jobs instead of wastin all my money workin black collar jobs.
by radtse June 02, 2006
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A job that includes working long hours for little pay and lacking benefits for the hope that it will lead to a better future.
"Man did you hear about that new job Bryan got selling cable door to door. He works almost ten hours a day on commission. It sucks but if he is good at it he can be a manager in a year and run his own office. Its one of those black collar jobs."
by jazzyjizzle618 August 21, 2011
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A unknown and/or a over looked person
I'm black collar, I don't want goverment looking for me.

Girls don't like me, I'm a black collar.
by Vizhair September 29, 2010
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1. A woman who moves for egalitarian society, and detests women who do not (see red collar)

2. In BDSM, an unwilling sex slave. Heavily frowned upon in most circles.
"Why don't those black collars see that submission is in our nature?"

"As soon as he tried to make her a black collar, they kicked his ass and called the cops. He's not allowed back."
by CheshireCat22 November 12, 2014
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