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an illegial firework
and in an Hollywood Undead song called Scene kids for dummies
they say
"I could barely walk around cause the dance floor was so packed
I walked to the back and lit off some black cats - BAP BAP BAP hahaha!"

"I could barely walk around cause the dance floor was so packed
I walked to the back and lit off some black cats - BAP BAP BAP hahaha!"

by Valagin March 24, 2006
Small firework that you throw in people's lawns when they least expect it.
OH SHIT! I just threw a black cat in someone's mouth!
by Chris December 16, 2004
Mostly well-known as a major brand of fireworks. In a classic episode of "Reno 911", the two black cops, Officers Jones and Williams go to the home of a weird hippie who is stockpiling fireworks that are illegal.

So Officer Jones picks up a package of Black Cat fireworks, saying "You know Black Cat's are illegal in the state of Nevada." The hippie responds with "You guys are a couple of black cats."
My friend accidently shot me in the face with some Black Cats. So I accidently smashed his face with my fist.
by John Kerry February 01, 2005
The very best anime, ever
guy 1: what did you do last night

guy 2: I watched the entire first season of Black Cat

guy 1: A night well spent

guy 2: indeed

guy 3: what's black cat?

guy 1: ...

guy 2: *slap*
by Lord Damon Achuine March 08, 2009
An Iranian musical group who is very popular in Iran and within Iranian communities. The 2 lead singers used to be Kamran and Hooman, but they left the group and they're doing a solo thing now.
Peeshee peeshee meow meow. The Black Cats.
by Darius01 February 07, 2006
really cool firecracker that is just a bunch of really little firecrackers, strapped together, usually in groups of 5-10.
my friends and i blew up a leftover burrito from taco bell by strapping a black cat to it
by cream of sumyungay September 18, 2005
A person who does not fit in to any group. The strong silent type, always observing and analyzing situations before getting involved. May have a lot to say but does not say it. Often settles problems alone and is more than capable of it. For the few who get to know him/her a close and loyal friend they will find. A black cat is a nomad, forever roaming the world. A black cat may seem shy to some but make no mistake, he/she is merely bored and is thinking of greater things. Black cats are not judgemental and are easy to confide in. A beloved friend, though not always around. They may not understand your affection toward them, but will always return friendship. A black cat is extremely good at figuring people out, as a result black cats fall in love easy after accepting all your faults and your trust. They can fall for more than one person resulting in bad luck. When a black cat is your lover only death can keep you apart, but not for long. The person you want to cross paths with, The perfect lover and loyal best friend, a black cat roaming.
Woman| That man is perfect!!! And awesome in the bedroom!!!! I'm going to marry him. Where did he go?
Man: He left town...
Woman:WHERE?! WHY?!?
Man:He's just a black cat roaming now....
by Pumpkin Eater #13 Black Cat August 23, 2014