The box where you throw a bad memory or action into. Usually occurs after a night of drunkenness or severe intoxication. Once it's thrown into the black box, the subject can never be brought up again.
Alright girl, this is the last time we can talk about Oscar. After this, his ass goes in the black box.
by Amelia March 09, 2005
the best pussy on earth, black pussy
guy 1: you hit yet
guy 2: hell yea I found the black box
by the blizzard November 22, 2005
Something that you will never open. like a vagina if you are a puff
the black box never opens ted
by d-diggley-69 April 25, 2007
a black woman's pussy.
Ling Ling know best place during airplane crash inside black box.
by Adrian February 07, 2006

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