To imprison someone in a secret location.
The CIA started black-boxing suspected terrorists after 9/11.
by Syjel October 28, 2009
Originally a X11 Window Manager.

Extremely powerful for it had a slit. Now it's dead.

Linux users have now tooken it's soucecode and created fluxbox, which is extremely good and much better than BB4Win. Fluxbox DEVELOPMENT VERSION offers Taskbar, and Icon Bar, not needed. As well as a more customizable taskbar and fbdesk for icons. Plus the remarkable tabbing engine, allowing you to group your windows automatically and manually.

Window users can now sort of enjoy Blackbox on Windows as a shell replacement called BB4Win. You can still enjoy your internet explorer by using it instead of explorer for a filemanager. BB4Win isn't as good for sloppy focusing and it doesn't allow you to have tabs, or to shrink the taskbar to as tiny as you want it to, but it's still a good blackbox shell for windows and a good replace of Explorer.
I decided to stop using Windows because BB4Win wasn't as good as my Fluxbox v9.10 for Linux. I just kill explorer when I load up Windows and just use the task manager to load up my very addicticting games that do not have a Linux Port and is too slow for emulating.
by tsphan November 26, 2004
(n) a graphic-user-interface originally developed by various Linux establishments but which has been recently ported to Windows.
"Dude! The new BlackBox for Windows is fucking sweet!"
by deathtobees December 19, 2003
In transportation, the term black box refers to any of a number of systems designed to collect and preserve data for analysis after an accident, such as a flight data recorder, event recorder, or automotive event data recorder.
After the plane crash, they retrieved the black box to reveal that there was a bug in the flight controls systems that caused the crash.
by Anonymous23985u93 December 23, 2013
To embarrass another player in a legit fashion or skilled manor during online game play. This term is often used in MLG or Major League Gaming.
Past tense - "Wow enjoy that Blackbox?" or "Was that Black box too much for ya?"

Present tense - "Blackbox!" - Most of the time the word is just said by itself like "Raped" "Shit on" or "Destoyed"

Future tense - "Watch this Blackbox"

There is no *ing, er, or ed added onto the end of this word.
by MLG Brokencyde July 21, 2010
Images you see on the internet surrounded by a black border and white text on the bottom
I saw this black box that said

"Mindfuck: When you see it you'll shit bricks"

Long story short, i need a new pair of jeans.

by BBeast August 22, 2008
A non-natural blonde who hasn't had her hair dyed recently, resulting in a box-like pattern on the crown of her head.
"She had me fooled for a while, but now I know she's not a real blonde--the black box gives it away."
by gregorymandu April 10, 2008

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