Refering to a bearish animal preferably tyler bishop
Hey tyler you gonna eat that salmon?
Black bear Tyler: roooooaaaarrrr
by Gasonitmarv October 14, 2010
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The kind of bear that's best.
Fact: Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

(Black bears)
by Thomomomomomomm December 23, 2007
A fat hairy black man that I have sex with daily.
I have chocolate stuffed down my throat on a regular basis.
by mikeyboi December 20, 2004
When a non-african american woman seeks comfort from an african american male, she calls him this; a protector; a dark guardian; her dark knight
"I'll be your snowbunny if you'll be my black bear."
by Nettiebabyy June 25, 2012
A handsome, genuine young man who gets a lot of ass
Girl A: Wow that guy over there is so hot and looks so sweet.
Girl B: He is a typical black bear. You should go talk to him!
by Anonymousmatt March 04, 2016
someone who flirts with everyone as if they are actual sluts but doesn't actually put out to any of them.
She is totally flirting with my boyfriend, but I'm not too worried because she is such a blackbear.
by shaghi May 17, 2011
A black bear is a tool.
Man, that kid was such a tool. Fucking black bears.

Beta Theta Pi, a fraternity full of tools. Bunch of blackbears.
by beck7489 January 16, 2010
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