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Tee-shirt that is all black. aint a damn thing on it. The real O'G;s where this shit. Gotta where it in 2xl-5xl for it to look out. u get em good at footlocker,champs, and footaction. Black Tee,the outfit of da hood.
Rob in my black tee, get licks in my black tee, all in ya house searchin fo bricks in my black tee, i deal in my black tee, i steal in my black tee, fa real so i gotta keep it trill in my BLACK TEE.
by Gimme151 March 18, 2005
Teeshirt that is in all black. da outfit of da hood. been around for a whlie but now even crackas rockin it. Get em at champs, footlocker, footaction. Rock em in 2xl-5xl.
Bitch I rob in my black tee
get licks in my black tee
all in ya house searhcin fo bricks in my BLACK TEE
by KingTee410 March 18, 2005
Shirt of the color black. Used to be hot and still is even tho them white boyz wearin em now.
I look dressed up in my black tee, fitted hat, black gat...
by i-Dunk February 21, 2005
a t-shirt that is the color black, nothing more nothing less.
you fucken dumbasses^
ITS A SHIRT! nobody cares who's wearing it..
when i see someone wearing a "black tee" i dont say "wow wut a fucken cracker! hes a wigger!"
the proper thing to say is "he needs some style"
by playa del seville November 30, 2005
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