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The notion that Black people have to work and perform regular task twice as well as White people.
The teacher black taxed us on our project. Susan and Dena did not do half the work we did.
#black #tax #twice #white #taxed
by Im the consequence April 20, 2006
The higher prices that black people have to pay for

1) goods - often due to a lack of large grocery stores, mass market discounters

2) insurance, mortages, loans

due to their ethnicity
Buffy and Biff can get a lower rate on a home mortgage than Rasheed and LaShawna due to the black tax.
#racism #african american #inequality #twice as good #finance
by silverkris March 17, 2008
the money that white people give black people (homeless, crackheads, muggers...etc.) when they're in a black neighborhood.
Everytime you go through that neighborhood you gotta pay the black tax.
#ghetto #mark #cracker #herb #crackhead
by jb212 December 25, 2009
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