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originated from the black panthers in the 60's who felt as if they were opressed by the whites
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
the act of using black people as a power source for something, usually gang violence, drug pushing, or plantations.
my plantation uses black power!
by The Python January 31, 2005
Racist term chanted by black supremacists who desire the destruction of a particular society.
"black power" and "kill whitey"
by vocal output April 06, 2006
a joke that makes black people feel good
black power dosnt exist there all soft janitors
by datrell jenkins April 01, 2005
The act of using Black people as a source of renewable energy
Politician Douche: ...and as a global initiative, I propose that we burn all the Black people in order to reduce green house emissions. They breed like rabbits... Speaking of rabbits, we could burn them too! But only the black ones. Solve two problems at once. Kill two blacks with one environmental initiative!

General Populace: Mr. Politician, isn't that wrong and evil? Black people contribute to society and Bunnies are cute and fluffy

Politician Douche: If by evil you mean humane, and by contribute you mean burden, then yes! They do! And we're only burning the BLACK bunnies.

General Populace: Oh... I'm glad I voted for you. Black Power FTW!
by Shire hater August 28, 2008
Slogan of choice by arrogant, unintelligent, or racist niggers.
"Black power! Black rights! Blah! Blah! Blah!"
by RileyTheRacist October 08, 2008