A black person is merely a human being, with darker skin than those of whites, whose ancestors were mistreated, abused, and generally thought to be inferior in America for many years while most European nations had outlawed the institution of slavery.
A black person is not to be confused with a nigga, nigger or anything else. A black person CAN benefit society, wants and education, to be a productive member of society. A nigga merely wants to race cars, have and fuck bitches, and/or get money. It is a disgrace to the world when a black person is misinterpreted as being a nigga, etc.
A real black person knows what they want in life, has goals that are attainable, attempts to reach them, and generally is normal and not living like a detriment to the government. A black person will rarely be interested in breaking the law (and becoming a felon).
Dumb kid: "Hey why the hell is that nigger on our college campus? He does great in classes too! What the fuck?"

Informed dude: "Man, that's not a nigger, that's a black person!"
by Adapada May 07, 2009
The term black people usually refers to a racial group of humans with skin colors that range from light brown to nearly black. According to a recent scientific study, human skin color diversity is highest in sub-Saharan African populations.1 It is also used to categorize a number of diverse populations together based on historical and prehistorical ancestral relationships. Some definitions of the term include only people of relatively recent Sub Saharan African descent (see African diaspora). Among the members of this group, brown skin is most often accompanied by the expression of natural afro-hair texture. Other definitions of the term "black people" extend to other populations characterized by dark skin, including some indigenous to Oceania and Southeast Asia
White people who make racist post on here make it embarrassing to be white sometimes. There are good black people out here!
by pseudonym smoker August 25, 2010
Black People are a race of people with a brown colour to their skin, not all black people are rude, alot of the definitions that i've seen are just from a bunch of redneck trailer-trash people. those who do live and act violent do it for one reason; they had fucked up in there life and theres probably not another chance to turn around,not all black people eat fried chicken, drink grape juice and kool-aid, smell like olive oil, or act all gangster. I'm half black and i dont do any of that, chicken isnt even my favorite food its pork, i dont smell, well i think atleast and i dont drink kool aid or gape juicde, thats a big stereo type, theres not a big difference in our races, lets consider ourselves as dogs or lizards, they have different fur/skin colour (i live in canada thats how we spell color) but they dont treat eachother bad, they get along in life and dont hate, why cant humans just both do the same thing, we all have same functioning systems, we have a nose in the same place, ears same place, 8 fingers, 2 thumbs etc.... i dont see a big difference in that, humans can be completely retarded when it comes to that. its not right to go up to a different coloured race and take them and make them your slaves, im pretty sure other animals dont do that

Black Guy: "what did you call me?"


Black Guy: "Why you hating on me theres not a big difference between us. You just hear some stupid ass stereotypes about black people."
by <3MW2 May 16, 2010
singular: a person who is black
plural: people who are black
... actually, I've never seen black people. I've never seen a person who was entirely pitch black. I've a frostbitten toe that black - due to the frostbite, but never an all-black person. It's probably time that we rethink some things, huh?
by eoutlaw October 09, 2009
Someone that is pretty cool and fun to hang out with when he is by himself, but when hes in a crowd of his own black race, he turns into an animal.
Tom: Tyrone is a pretty decent guy, hes so fun to hang out with, even though hes a black person!!

Fred: Nah man, I was with Tyrone at Obamas inauguration and him and a bunch of his black friends went crazy! They busted down a fence, and hit some guy in the head with a golfclub!
by Offs December 31, 2010
Someone of African/West Indian origin, with dark skin. Commonly and wrongly generalised by caucasians.
Racist: "Urgh we cant sit here. Theres black people near by."
1st Black person: "Look lady, I am not a thief and I do not own a gun. I have never been in prison, and my dark skin does not make me unclean. I graduated high school and I have a degree in accountancy. Now leave me to eat lunch (which I am going to pay for) here with my 2 kids, who are also intelligent like me, and have inherited my good morals. Dont discriminate - apprechiate."
by Miss Morale June 28, 2006
A group of people who have to put up with many stereotypes, and racial slurs. Apparently in today's society, it is wrong for a black person to get upset over the most common racial slur, nigger. Their names are constantly slandered because of the population of black people who are in gangs, or in jail.
Although Rodney has an A+ average in school, he constantly has to put up with bigots who call him a "dumb nigger" because somewhere across the country, a black person killed a white person.

"75% of black people are ignorant" a made up statistic.

Why do people put down other people because of their race? When will people realize that other people don't choose which color skin they have?
by Mynoduesp Sdrawkcab Suomynona October 20, 2010
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