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A really hot white girl
Mentioned in the movie Undercover Brother, it would be any white girl with the body and ass of a sister
by anonymous September 26, 2004
316 98
a white girl with a big ass
Damn! Look at the ass on that blonde chick! She's black man's kryptonite!
by Da Nastee One December 06, 2006
242 85
noun - white women
He did so well for himself, college then an MBA. Then it all fell apart when he got with that whooty. (see whooty)

Black man's kryptonite.

by ThatDude23341 August 08, 2011
33 23
A: A white girl who hooks up with only black or hispanic men, usually with a bubble butt.
Dude she hooked up with both Dre and Rodriguez? She is black man's kryptonite!
by SkeeteRX8 October 16, 2008
26 58
A blond woman
by Dingleberry Pie October 29, 2003
100 155